Monday, August 31, 2009

Meteorological summer

Today is the last meteorological summer day! My supermarket still had huge crates of peaches, watermelons, and corn on display over the weekend, but I suspect that will soon disappear as fall moves in (and today felt very much like early fall). I've been enjoying a lot of peaches lately, so here they are as you say goodbye to summertime.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Surprise gift

I came home the other day with a surprise gift from Mr Hazel waiting for me on my desk: season 1 of True Blood. Very excited. When the dvd first came out I waffled about whether I should watch this show because I felt kind of like I was betraying my Cullen vampires if I got hooked on another set of vampires. But everyone - Alissa and my Twi-geek group especially - kept raving about how good this show is, so I decided to go for it. Mr Hazel knew how much I've been wanting to see this, hence the surprise.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Twilight Tuesday

Finally, the news I've been waiting for all summer: principal photography has started on Eclipse! The cast all arrived back in Vancouver over the weekend where all kinds of hijinks ensued, including this atrocity (still hoping this doesn't mean they're together for real). It is so exciting to see them all back together again though. Eclipse has started! Summitt also released a new trailer for New Moon; it's very Jacob-centric. I'm worried about how much I'll end up puking at the movie theater each time Bella and Jacob stare soulfully into each others' eyes. Especially during that Jacob shirtless kiss scene. Spare me. Team Edward forever!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Sold pieces

It's been a busy, whirlwind summer with personal projects, birthday parties and all kinds of other things, so I haven't had too many chances of updating the blog of late. But I have been wanting to post an update for a while on my recently sold pieces. Business was pretty brisk the early part of the summer, which was exciting. My metals were particularly popular. I was also very excited when the Uhura bracelet sold! I worked hard on this piece and loved how it turned out, so I was happy to know someone else shared my love for it.