Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The sound of a billion screams

I know it's not Tuesday, but Twihards the world over have gone into a fine frenzy over these newly-released pictures of a shirtless RPattz kissing Bella during their long-awaited reunion. It looks like he's been working out a lot, because his pecs and abs and arms are so much more delicious than they were in Twilight (and less hairy). Do you see that six-pack? Oh, my.

Also, the black dots on his face and body (oh, my) are there so they can CGI the sparkles on him at post-production. Ignoring the fact that Edward isn't supposed to sparkle in these scenes, and the fact that he's supposed to be totally nekkid with a pile of white clothes at his feet...however, I'm too dazed to nitpick.

More deliciousness at PopSugar and LaineyGossip.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Twilight Tuesday

The Italy shoots are in full swing! Red flags in Monepulciano, people in red robes, and the yellow Porsche! The schedule was laid out over at LaineyGossip:

First two days will focus on Bella trying to make her way through the throngs of festival revelers to reach Edward. She jumps in the fountain, wades through it, towards him. Of course she makes it in time at which point he pulls her into a building.

By the way – if you’re wondering, yes, they’ll be trying to include the “slamming” into his body.

When they reunite, Bella and Edward do kiss followed by the arrival of Jane and the others.

They’ll also film something from Alice’s perspective on these two days. She “sees” Edward sparkling in the sunlight.

Some of the driving sequences will also go ahead on Tuesday and Wednesday, schedule permitting. .

On Thursday they’ll be jumping into a hole in the ground. This will likely be Robert Pattinson’s final day barring any major delays – heads up to you twi-hards who’ve made the journey.

Friday is more driving and Porsche work.

Now wait just a minute...Bella and Edward do not kiss that early! It was delayed gratification at its best! What is Chris Weitz trying to pull?

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


I made it into another Etsy Treasury! This time, Geillis joins others in a collection of verdigris critters. This Treasury expires on Saturday at 6pm.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Twilight Tuesday

Fans are abuzz with the release of the first official New Moon poster! I wish Edward's hair was longer, and that Jacob wasn't in it.

I do like this mashup with the wolf pack.

Also, the other major buzz is that RPattz, Kristen Stewart, and Taylor Lautner will appear live at the MTV Movie Awards on May 31 to present the first glimpse of the New Moon trailer. I cannot wait. A majority of fans (including me) hopes that they will be showing some part of the Italy scenes.

Lastly, in case there was any doubt, RPattz has confirmed that he will be in Breaking Dawn.

Monday, May 18, 2009


The woods fronting my train station. And also the station itself. Don't the trees seem very Fork-ish? Doesn't it look like Edward will come leaping out of those woods to feed at any moment? I thought so.

Sunday, May 17, 2009


Saw Star Trek for the second time, this time on an IMAX screen. If possible, it was even more awesome than before. The score was phenomenal. Again, Sylar stole the show, but Chris Pine was equally wonderful. And the scene where we see seven of the starships docked together, and then catch a glimpse of the USS Enterprise for the first time? Gave me the chills all over again.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Dragonfly necklace

I have an affinity for dragonflies; I just think they are so whimsical. So I named this new necklace Geillis, after the equally whimsical heroine of Mary Stewart's Thornyhold. I recently re-read Thornyhold and was charmed all over again by the beauty of that book (which I'll be reviewing on Paperback Musings soon). Anyway, back to my dragonfly. I oxidized the sterling chain by hand to match the vintagey feel, and the whole thing is about 18" long.

I also forgot to mention that I made my first international sale! The Je t'aime earrings sold to someone all the way in England, and I finally got the chance to see if the international shipping rate I estimated was accurate (it wasn't). I ended up having to adjust the rate, which is now also reflected at the shop. Unfortunately I'm unable to offer delivery confirmation service for international orders at this time, but the rate is pretty comparable to domestic shipping, so that works out.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Twilight Tuesday

I am peeing my pants from excitement upon learning that RPattz is in talks to play Paul Atreides in the remake of Dune. DUNE! I am a huge Dune fan and at one point was absolutely in love with Kyle McLachlan as Paul Atreides. I used to watch Dune over and over again, and devoured the book by Frank Herbert, which the movie was based on. I am aware that I was a huge nerd as a child, but apparently I was ahead of my time, because RPattz is going to make Dune cool again and all the tween girls are going to start uttering the timeless quotes from the movie pretty soon.

He who controls the spice, controls the universe.

Stilgar, do we have worm sign?
Usul, we have worm sign the likes of which God has never seen.

Wow, I am so looking forward to this. I hope the remake does justice to the original, which is a cult classic to us sci-fi fans.

Second, I absolutely loved this article about how Twilight has brought mothers (and other adult women) closer together. I know just from my own experience that I've bonded with old friends and have also made new friends over Twilight (shout out to all my Twilight girls!). We exchange tons of Twilight emails throughout the day and have already made plans to attend the midnight showing of New Moon. It's a blast. I also especially love this quote from the article, because I think my friends and I can identify:
Hansen was a happily married woman who could not stop thinking about "Twilight" and Meyer's other novels in the series, "New Moon," "Eclipse" and "Breaking Dawn." Not sure what to do or who to talk to, Hansen posted a note on her MySpace page asking other fans to come forward. "I was looking for 30-something moms and married people who were obsessed like I was," she said.
And, wait - ! Radaronline has the details of the New Moon wrap party in Vancouver. They're done already? I guess it's now Italy time! I can't wait to see the first trailer. The article also mentions David Slade, the guy picked to direct Eclipse and who, in the past, bashed Twilight on Twitter. He's now furiously backpedaling after realizing the thing he made so much fun of is now going to be his next (huge) paycheck. I'm still mad at him and it's making me anxious knowing that Eclipse is going to be directed by a hater.

Monday, May 11, 2009


Tracy at Pink Purl is hosting a Haiku Festival today, May 11th. I've been composing 5-7-5 meters all day in my head and counting out the rhythms. You can click on Tracy's haiku to find all the other participants and read their entries, but meanwhile, these are some of my attempts, in differing tones of the mundane, the timely, and the annoying (that would be this weather we're having).

Agate drops for you
Spun in silver chain and wire
Sparkling on your ears


Where are my bare toes
Hiding under winter socks
Raining every day


Freshly dry-cleaned pants
A nice way to start the week
Makes me feel brand new

Sunday, May 10, 2009

New necklace

I just posted a brand new item at the shop, the Bethany necklace. Turquoise nugget, smoky quartz, and one of my hand-forged sterling silver circles. I think this is a great piece for summer, especially with the earthy color combination. Also, something exciting. My mother-in-law was out and about this weekend wearing her Astrid necklace, and a stranger complimented her on it. My MIL then promptly gave her one of my cards (actually the old version that Alissa happened to have on her). How's that for marketing!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Shoe shopping

I've been on the lookout for work shoes that I can wear this summer, preferably peep toe pumps or wedge sandals. But I wasn't holding out hope because shoes are so hard to find for my ridiculously tiny feet. I did find a pair of wedges at my favorite shoe shop, Nordstrom, but they were going to charge me not only shipping, but sales tax as well. So instead I tried, and found this perfect pair of Franco Sarto peep toes in my size! How lucky is that? I was even more ecstatic to find out that not only do they offer free shipping and no tax, but I was able to get an additional 20% off using a promotional code. And because I like you guys, I will share the magic code: BFF09. Enter this at checkout and they'll take the discount. Instead of $80, I ended up paying only $65. Not bad for my recessionista find, eh?

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Twilight Tuesday

First off, I read that what is widely believed to be the New Moon script has been leaked online, but then was subsequently taken down. I refuse to actively look for said script because the temptation will be too great not to devour the whole thing, but I'm burning with curiosity nevertheless. I did read enough about it to know how the movie allegedly starts (or not start). At this rate, November 20, 2009 can't come soon enough for me.

Speaking of, the Volturi have arrived in Vancouver (or some of them, anyway). As Alissa said, these are the old man, the fetus, and Dakota Fanning. Why are they even in Vancouver anyway? They never set foot in Forks in the entire second book. We meet them in Italy. Uh, hello Chris Weitz? You better not be messing things up again as I suspect you are.

Third, a bit of a movie spoiler - judging from these pictures and from reports from the set, Bella doesn't merely approach those guys in Port Angeles after seeing the zombie movie with Jessica, she actually gets on the back of a motorcycle with one of them, with Edward's apparition apparently urging her not to. Clever way of keeping Edward on screen (thank you!).

Twilight is also being nominated for seven MTV Movie Awards, including Best Kiss, which it should totally win.

My cousin Leslie commented on yesterday's post that Bella also wears purple boots in the movie, which I had completely forgotten about. And you can get them here. So not only does it feel like Forks around here, but I'm wearing the same footwear as Bella. This can't be coincidence. Should I start checking Mr Hazel for sparkly skin? Speaking of, there is a Twilight Marriage Survey, where they want to know if Twilight has affected peoples' marriages. I am totally laughing out loud.

Lastly, my friend Sarah sent me these fan-made pictures. Check out the muscles on Edward in the second picture (is this a prelude to Breaking Dawn? The feathers and broken headboard scene?). Too bad RPattz is so puny and skinny and little, because if he really had arms like these, Edward would be ten times hotter. Which means they should CGI muscles on him.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Dare I say it?

Day #5 of non-stop rain, with more of the same coming tomorrow and Wednesday. Dare I say it? Dare I? Okay, I will. Damn, I feel like I'm in Forks! (It had to be said.) My train station fronts the woods and with them being so green and lush today, I felt like Edward was about to come leaping out of the trees to bite my neck. Now I know how Bella felt. And so, my purple rain boots and I, we'll go trudging on together until sunshine returns. I thought it was supposed to be "April showers bring May flowers," not "April showers bring even more May showers."

Sunday, May 3, 2009


It's been raining for four days straight. At least my plants love it - the azalea bushes I planted two years ago, both on the brink of death, have come back springing to life as green as you please. I also started several new jewelry designs that went nowhere (really, really frustrating!) until finally I ended up completing a new necklace. I kept the design simple. Photos coming soon, after the sun makes its reappearance.