Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Twilight Tuesday

First off, I read that what is widely believed to be the New Moon script has been leaked online, but then was subsequently taken down. I refuse to actively look for said script because the temptation will be too great not to devour the whole thing, but I'm burning with curiosity nevertheless. I did read enough about it to know how the movie allegedly starts (or not start). At this rate, November 20, 2009 can't come soon enough for me.

Speaking of, the Volturi have arrived in Vancouver (or some of them, anyway). As Alissa said, these are the old man, the fetus, and Dakota Fanning. Why are they even in Vancouver anyway? They never set foot in Forks in the entire second book. We meet them in Italy. Uh, hello Chris Weitz? You better not be messing things up again as I suspect you are.

Third, a bit of a movie spoiler - judging from these pictures and from reports from the set, Bella doesn't merely approach those guys in Port Angeles after seeing the zombie movie with Jessica, she actually gets on the back of a motorcycle with one of them, with Edward's apparition apparently urging her not to. Clever way of keeping Edward on screen (thank you!).

Twilight is also being nominated for seven MTV Movie Awards, including Best Kiss, which it should totally win.

My cousin Leslie commented on yesterday's post that Bella also wears purple boots in the movie, which I had completely forgotten about. And you can get them here. So not only does it feel like Forks around here, but I'm wearing the same footwear as Bella. This can't be coincidence. Should I start checking Mr Hazel for sparkly skin? Speaking of, there is a Twilight Marriage Survey, where they want to know if Twilight has affected peoples' marriages. I am totally laughing out loud.

Lastly, my friend Sarah sent me these fan-made pictures. Check out the muscles on Edward in the second picture (is this a prelude to Breaking Dawn? The feathers and broken headboard scene?). Too bad RPattz is so puny and skinny and little, because if he really had arms like these, Edward would be ten times hotter. Which means they should CGI muscles on him.


Anonymous said...

hey, i really like your blog, just hoping you could follow me as well? no pressure or anything haha, just trying to build a following. have a great day!

Protege said...

Ok, I know very little about Twilight (as you know), but I love the pictures you posted here - very sensual.;)

Hazel Designs said...

Protege, oh yeah! ;)

Highmaintenancemom said...

so glad it sounds like Edward will be in the movie a lot more than in the book!