Thursday, May 14, 2009

Dragonfly necklace

I have an affinity for dragonflies; I just think they are so whimsical. So I named this new necklace Geillis, after the equally whimsical heroine of Mary Stewart's Thornyhold. I recently re-read Thornyhold and was charmed all over again by the beauty of that book (which I'll be reviewing on Paperback Musings soon). Anyway, back to my dragonfly. I oxidized the sterling chain by hand to match the vintagey feel, and the whole thing is about 18" long.

I also forgot to mention that I made my first international sale! The Je t'aime earrings sold to someone all the way in England, and I finally got the chance to see if the international shipping rate I estimated was accurate (it wasn't). I ended up having to adjust the rate, which is now also reflected at the shop. Unfortunately I'm unable to offer delivery confirmation service for international orders at this time, but the rate is pretty comparable to domestic shipping, so that works out.


Protege said...

Congratulations on your first international sale!
The dragonfly necklace is lovely; we have many dragonflies here in Denmark, particularly comes August.;)

Karmela said...

Oh sure. You'll give it a totally weird name like "Geillis" but not "Uhura?!"

Hazel Designs said...

Protege, dragonflies in Denmark - how LOVELY!

Hazel Designs said...

I'll have to make something sufficiently outer-spacey for a Uhura necklace!