Monday, May 11, 2009


Tracy at Pink Purl is hosting a Haiku Festival today, May 11th. I've been composing 5-7-5 meters all day in my head and counting out the rhythms. You can click on Tracy's haiku to find all the other participants and read their entries, but meanwhile, these are some of my attempts, in differing tones of the mundane, the timely, and the annoying (that would be this weather we're having).

Agate drops for you
Spun in silver chain and wire
Sparkling on your ears


Where are my bare toes
Hiding under winter socks
Raining every day


Freshly dry-cleaned pants
A nice way to start the week
Makes me feel brand new


The Clever Pup said...

Hey, I like the toe haiku. Nice to have met you.

Janet said...

Very nice. especially love the one about bare toes. :) Thank you for sharing!

Jenny said...

I like all of those but most of all the hidden toes, great imagination.

Protege said...

Beautiful, did not know you were a poet as well.;)
The first one is my favorite.;))

Tracy said...

These are wonderful, Hazel! Haiku is about the every day, the little things made noted... And your toe haiku has touch of droll humor, which is really refreshing. Mostly, I really like your use of the earthy and elemental--the artist in you, no doubt ;o) So glad you joined us and had fun with this. The response has been so good I am sure the haiku festival will return again! Happy Day ((HUGS))

Hazel Designs said...

Haha, thank you ladies! I'm glad you enjoyed the haikus - they were certainly so much fun to write!

And Tracy, great idea - I'm definitely doing this again next year :)