Wednesday, July 30, 2008

My first blog award

Tracy of Pink Purl, who is quite possibly the sweetest woman ever, gave me an award! My first ever blog award. Thanks, Tracy!

I'm also supposed to write six random facts about me to accompany the award. I will write about today:

1. I wore pretty blue earrings and someone complimented me on them, but I had to tell them they were not my own creation and I felt like I was not doing my part in promoting my own work. Oops!

2. I went back to the Korean food street vendor for lunch - the second day in a row. It's almost embarrassing how they know me there now.

3. I had a piece of apple strudel for breakfast. And a mug of tea. Not exactly the healthiest. Except for the tea.

4. More new tools arrived for me today. I didn't know I would ever get this excited about tools.

5. I burnt (slightly) the chicken cutlets I made for dinner tonight, but Mr Hazel was a darling and ate the whole thing. He cleaned his plate.

6. While giving the kitties their dinner, I noticed that Moxie wasn't in the kitchen, so we called to her. She came running up the stairs at full speed from the basement bathroom where we keep their litter box. When she got to the kitchen, however, I noticed she was all of a sudden limping and dragging her lower body on the floor. So I got hysterical, thinking she had broken her leg in her mad dash up the stairs, until Mr Hazel noticed that the reason she was dragging her lower body on the floor was because...she still had poop coming out of her butt. She made a long line of streak marks on the wood floor and dropped pellets on the kitchen sisal rug. I got hysterical all over again, but this time from violent laughter. Mr Hazel was not amused. But I was. Oh, was I ever.

And on that note, I now pass on the the Brillante Award to Karmela, Jordan of Copy and Cigarettes, Highmaintenancemom of From Purses to Diaper Bags, Angie of The Downtown Boutique, Greg of Leggo My Greggo, G-Mommy of Graham Crackers, and Mom2Amara of Being Mom2Amara.

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Highmaintenancemom said...

I love random fact #6!! LOL!