Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Twilight Tuesday

The big news is that Aro has been cast, and sadly, it isn't Prince Caspian. Chris Weitz chose 40-year-old Michael Sheen to play Aro, and SIL Alissa and I aren't happy. First, they cast a guy who looks like he hasn't even gone through puberty yet to play Caius, but Aro is going to look like a 40-year-old? How does that even make sense? I read that Chris Weitz specifically courted Michael Sheen in order to lend "gravitas and credibility" to the production. I've got news for you, Chris Weitz - you're worrying about "credibility" and "gravitas" when Twilight took in $80 million during opening weekend? How much more credibility do you need? Bah! I knew I hated this guy ever since I saw that god-awful Golden Compass travesty. Is it too early to get worried? I mean, look at Aro! He's supposed to be a scary, powerful, menacing vampire, but he looks like Tony Blair!

But then I was excited to read about how Edward's Volvo is going to be changed to the Volvo as it was meant to be: the s60r. The use of the other, sportier 2-door model in the first movie has always bothered me.

And Lainey Gossip has a set shot of Bella holding a camera - could this be her fateful birthday gift from Charlie?

Cullen Boys Anonymous also has set spoilers of Edward and Bella at the Forks High School parking lot, near Bella's truck. I'm dying to know exactly what scenes are being filmed here. Note that Edward's makeup looks much better.

And lastly, we get this piece of news from Lainey Gossip:

Am told that a party scene involving the Cullen Family and Bella is (at press time) scheduled for tomorrow at a private residence
Is it paper cut time?!


Protege said...

I agree with you, he looks like Tony, but perhaps a bit of makeup and some scary costume and a vampire he will become.;))
It is amazing what they can do these days.;))
That reminds me of the outrage that went through the James Bond fans when Daniel Craig was casted as the new agent. Even I thought that the casting director must have lost his marbles. But, Daniel has made a pretty good 007, I must conclude today.;))

Alissa said...

Sigh...at least RPattz looks good.

Also, there's still a chance for Weitz to not suck with his casting of Alec. Also he did pretty well with the Quileute boys.

Also, I thought that a vampire's looks are supposed to draw a human in, etc. Neither Caius or Aro draw me in.

Karmela said...

The guy looks like a cross between Tony Blair and a hobbit.

Hazel Designs said...

Protege, I remember the hoopla when Daniel Craig became Bond!

Hazel Designs said...

Alissa, Renee Haynes is the name of the casting director for the wolf pack.

Hazel Designs said...

PS - I agree, neither of those two vampires draw me in! Or Marcus.

Hazel Designs said...

K, hahaha! You're right - a hobbit!