Wednesday, January 27, 2010


I've been waiting for this announcement for months, and Apple finally unveiled it today - the iPad. I've been holding out on purchasing a new ebook reader (I'm looking at you, Kindle) to replace my sturdy, but old, Ebookwise until I saw what Apple would come up with. Turns out it's not exactly an e-reader; the ebook feature is an app called iBooks, with an accompanying online bookstore called iBookstore. From what it looks like on the demos the iBook doesn't have e-Ink technology like the Kindle or the Nook do. The screen is backlit, which could strain the eyes but would enable you to read in the dark. It also sounds like the ebook offerings will be more expensive at $14.99, as opposed to Amazon's $9.99. I'm waiting to see actual user reviews of this device before making up my mind, but at first look, it seems so nifty and sleek.


Alissa said...

I believe the iBookstore will have a smaller selection than Amazon. I'd be down with the iPad as soon as they revamp it to include the ability to multitask and a camera. And maybe less adapters. :)

Hazel Designs said...

And oddly enough, it has no Flash, which is so limiting.