Monday, December 3, 2007

Ringing in the holidays

Mr Hazel and I bought our Christmas tree this weekend. The cats loved it. On Sunday I turned off all the other lights, turned on the Christmas music channel on cable, sat and looked at the Christmas lights, listened to the music, and got into the holiday spirit.

Christmas music always makes me sad for some reason.

We also took out the beautiful menorah that we got as a wedding gift. Hanukkah is super early this year; I'm not ready yet!

10 Things I Loved About August Rush

1. Jonathan Rhys Meyers playing his own guitar.

2. Jonathan Rhys Meyers singing his own rock songs.

3. Jonathan Rhys Meyers wearing ripped jeans and a leather jacket.

4. Jonathan Rhys Meyers and his Irish accent.

5. Jonathan Rhys Meyers and his hair.

6. Felicity playing the cello (hah - fooled you - you thought I was going to say Jonathan Rhys Meyers again, didn't you?). I was impressed - there were shots where a real string musician would be able to tell the flaws in her technique (for instance, she played with her bow too close to the fingerboard, and her bow was crooked when she drew it across the strings). But, with the way they shot those scenes, she sold me on her cello playing abilities.

7. Felicity absolutely glowed in this movie.

8. Jonathan Rhys Meyers and his vivid, soulful green eyes.

9. The music. I definitely want the soundtrack to this movie.

10. Freddie Highmore, playing the titular character August Rush. He was sweet, luminous, almost ethereal. I loved him.

My sister and I cried buckets. The only thing we both didn't like was there was no payoff. It left you wanting. But that's all I'm going to say about that because I don't want to give away spoilers.

And finally, I wanted to give a shoutout to my aunt, who had surgery today. She is one spunky lady!


meridith said...

I have to say been a "fan" of Jonathan Rys Meyers since Bend it Like Beckham. There something about Felicity saying that she can "play" the cello in just three short weeks that either makes me bitter or think she is full of sh*t. Now granted I was 8 but after three weeks or even three years I am not sure I could have convinced anyone I was a cellist.

Alissa said...

I love the tree, it's so pretty! If you ever need someone to string popcorn/cranberries, I'm your girl. It's the task I happily take at every tree-trimming party.

Hazel Designs said...

Mer, I keep forgetting that he was on "Bend It". I'm going to have to rewatch!

Hazel Designs said...

Alissa, you're on!

Highmaintenancemom said...

everytime I listen to Christmas music I think of you & how it makes you sad & it makes me laugh! :-)

Hazel Designs said...

HMM, I remember telling you that one Thanksgiving. Heh! Seriously, though, listen to the words in "Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas" and see if YOU don't start bawling!!!


mom2amara said...

I've never seen a menorah like yours! How unique!