Sunday, June 1, 2008

Cupcake time

This weekend, thwarted yet again by my quest for red velvet cupcakes, I gave in and made them myself. I've been too cowardly to taste them after they were done baking, but according to my two taste testers, they turned out pretty decently.

Here's the batter all mixed, looking scary and blood-red.

All ready for the oven.

And here they are all baked and frosted. I ended up nixing the cream cheese frosting I had made and using regular vanilla frosting instead because the cream cheese tasted really good but came out all clumpy and weird. I need an electric mixer.


Highmaintenancemom said...

I like the color of the cupcakes! I think I may try that soon....yeah right.....but it was nice thought for a second!

Tracy said... red velvet cupcakes! The bright red is lovely, I think, and fun. I made some at Christmas time, but the quality of the food coloring I used was not too good, unbeknownst at the they looked like regular chocolate cupcakes--they tasted good though. LOL! Happy eating :o)

Hazel Designs said...

HMM, I'll mail you some :)

Hazel Designs said...

Tracy, that's so funny because I was afraid I didn't use enough food coloring and the cupcakes would turn out pink!

Mom2Amara said...

Yum. Cupcakes! I haven't been adventurous to try those yet. Just cookies and cakes. You'll have to share your favorite recipe!

Hazel Designs said...

M2A, I'll post the recipe I used on the blog at some point - it was a pretty good one.