Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Toilets in space

This morning as I was reading the paper on the train I saw the best headline I've ever come across:

Space Station Astronauts Face Toilet Troubles

I have so many questions.

But I'm not going there. This is, after all, supposed to be a mature blog.

However, I have to point out that they were able to send a lander on Mars but apparently toilet technology is a different story. Supposedly the missing toilet part is going to be sent on board Discovery. I hope they send it soon. Those poor astronauts...they really...need to go. NASA should seriously think about building a second toilet in the space station.

Anyone else heard the new single from Coldplay called "Viva La Vida"? I love it. Or at least I used to - I've played it so much that I'm sick of it. But it was good while it lasted.


Highmaintenancemom said...

love love LOVE "Viva La Vida" !!! I too have overplayed it, but i'm not yet sick of it!

Karmela said...

Perhaps it'll be the same situation as that Bruce Willis movie (the one with Liv Tyler and Ben Affleck) where they had to train oil well drillers to become astronauts so that they can drill a hole through a comet to break it in half.

This one will be training plumbers to become astronauts to repair toilets in space. Hmmm...wonder if they're going to put a special slit in the space suit to make the ol' plumbers' butt visible?

Tracy said...

LOVE "Viva La Vida"...but then I think I'd love anything ColdPlay offers up--LOL! Still playing, and not tired of it yet...This toilet situation is scary. Hope they find some relief soon...literally! Happy weekend :o)

Hazel Designs said...

HMM and Tracy, the song definitely has a good beat to it!

K, I love it - plumbers as astronauts! With plumber's butt!