Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Quartz earrings

Pink quartz faceted briolettes and white potato pearls on sterling silver earwires, named "Tess" after my old nanny, who I miss terribly! Tess is now available at the shop.

I made two more sales - Colleen and Polly, my newest offerings, have both sold! Thanks Lisa!

I saw this guy on Colbert Report last night - Nathan Gunn, a really hot opera singer. Usually you don't associate opera singers with hotness, but not only was this guy hot, he was really charming, articulate, and really built as well. Apparently the opera world is trying to shed its snobby reputation by bringing its art to the masses, most notably into movie theaters, and I am guessing that Nathan Gunn is part of their PR blitz.

Trot out the hottie, bring in the ladies.

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