Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Amethyst earrings

Amethyst nugget earrings with handmade gold-filled earwires, named "Emilia" after both my cousin and characters from Winter's Tale and Othello. I didn't realize it was such a popular name!

Emilia is now available at the shop.

I apologize for ending this post on a down note, but I have not been able to forget the searing images of the victims of both the Myanmar cyclone and the China earthquake. As if that wasn't enough, today I read a news article about the pandas in the Wolong research facility in Chengdu province, the same place where my zoo's giant pandas both came from. Apparently the pandas living in the research facility survived, but officials are unsure where they would be able to get their food and water. It is very sad.

I was researching options for donations and the best one seems to be this organization called AmeriCares. Their VP was featured today on the Washington Post, so this organization has been vetted by a respected news organization.

If you would like to help, their donation page for Myanmar is here, but as they don't have a dedicated page for China yet, they are directing people to their international disaster relief fund. This organization seems to be a good one because 98% of donations go toward their relief programs. Also there is the International Committe of the Red Cross, which is a remarkable organization in that they always seem to be the first ones on the ground once a disaster strikes.

I can't help but think, when I look at the pictures of the victims, that there but for the grace of God...it's very scary and very humbling.

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