Monday, May 19, 2008

Bi-color quartz drops

These bi-color quartz step cut drops are gorgeous - the step cuts reflect the light beautifully and make the stones very sparkly. It's hard to capture in photographs - this was my best attempt, but even this doesn't do the stones justice. I just hope it sort of comes through when looking at the rest of the pictures in the shop.

These stones are so regal and gorgeous that I couldn't help but name them after royalty - specifically, Empress Eugenie of France, Napoleon III's wife. "Eugenie" is paired with white rice pearls and decorative vermeil circles, hanging from handmade and hammered gold-filled earwires.

Eugenie is now available - check out her other pictures!

Also, I am offering another Astrid necklace!

And check out the matching Leslie necklace that I finished. This was a custom order. The circle link really dressed up the piece and gave it a jazzier look.


Tracy said...

Fun to see your latest creations andb bead-stock in your most recent posts! These earrings are especially lovely...very rich, very grand...Happy crafting :o)

meridith said...

I am really liking the use of the ring in this piece as well as the leslie necklace. very pretty.

Hazel Designs said...

Thanks Tracy! I can't wait to delve in to those new beads I got!

Hazel Designs said...

Mer, I'm glad you like the links!