Saturday, November 22, 2008

Twilight movie review

I think I got pregnant at least five times during this movie.

Seriously. Edward? Super, super duper, super hot.

My expectations were sky high going into this, and my cousin Leslie (who loved it) warned me that I should lower them. I tried, really I did, but I don't think I tried hard enough. Sky high expectations, and I still loved the movie. LOVED it.

Okay, I'll amend that. I initially expected R-Pattz-as-Edward to be super hot (judging from the previews), but R-Pattz the actor hasn't been looking stellar lately during his press appearances, due to his crazy, nutty hair and looking exhausted all the time. So, my expectations of his hotness were muted a little bit going in. But when I finally saw him on screen...! I felt faint. He was so charismatic, so charming, so incredibly beautiful. The chemistry between him and K-Stew was sizzlin' to the point where I was surprised the screen didn't burst into flames.

Edward's first appearance on-screen was a dramatic build-up, much more so than in the book, and I clapped in excitement when he finally appeared. It was a thrilling moment.

K-Stew-as-Bella was a lot less annoying than Bella in the book, and she was definitely not whiny whatsoever, but K-Stew's seriousness was such that it bordered on sullenness. She was really frowny the whole time; I don't think I remember seeing her smile even once.

However, their kissing scene was combustible (I didn't breathe that entire scene) and the final prom scene was so, so romantic. The sexual tension was so thick you could cut it with the proverbial knife. The use of the music from the soundtrack was very well done, and the incorporation of Bella's lullaby throughout really worked. I also liked that there was a lot more diversity and personality in the local kids - Eric as a hip, cool Asian and Mike as funnier and more endearing than he was portrayed in the book.

However, there were things that were different from the book that I didn't like:

1. Bella wasn't wearing blue during dinner with Edward in Port Angeles.
2. The meadow scene wasn't as pivotal in the movie, and our initial glimpse of Edward's glittering skin merely looked like he had a sheen of perspiration on his face.
3. Not one scene where they showed Bella cooking for Charlie, but at least a couple of scenes where she and Charlie ate out.
4. The Cullen house was gorgeous, but it wasn't white with a wide porch. The exterior was ultra modern.
5. Jasper looked dazed the entire time, and wasn't given much of a role except to stand there and gape. He was supposed to be a tall, leonine man but Jasper here looked about twelve years old wearing an awful wig. And Rosalie? Didn't work so much.

I won't be seeing this again until next weekend with Alissa, so I'm trying to bribe Mr Hazel into going with me tomorrow. I went with my coworker Tameka and two of her friends today and we were noting that the audience was mostly made up of grown-up women like us - and some even had husbands/boyfriends with them - with teenage girls few and far between.

I definitely wish the movie was longer.


Highmaintenancemom said...

I'm not going to read your whole post because I'm sure I'll eventually see the movie, but your first line "I think I got pregnant at least five times during this movie" ..... EWWW! That line made me not want to read any further! Lol!

Hazel Designs said...

When you see R-Pattz in all his glorious, Edward vampire glory, I guarantee you - you'll understand. And if our cousin wasn't already pregnant, she would've gotten pregnant too, I guarantee it!


coffee said...

seems likely that they will come out with a Twilight sequel pretty soon, there's a crazy lot of ticket sales at stake