Saturday, February 7, 2009

Discovered by Susan

What a week! Lots of little things combined with several big things and before I knew it, the weekend had arrived and I hadn't posted anything for Twilight Tuesday. What travesty!

The weather this weekend promises to be simply gorgeous - sunny and in the 60s - which is a happy change from the high of 27 degrees we had on Friday (no wonder people are getting sick with all this crazy temperature changes). I'm looking longingly out my window though because Mr Hazel has decreed that I must gather up all paperwork from bead purchases for the year and calculate my total expenses and revenue so he can complete our taxes by the end of the weekend. I know it must be done, but the sunshine outside is luring me to rebel.

Check it out - Susan from Susan's Greetings featured my shop's Susan bracelet on her blog on Friday. I happily return the free publicity.


Protege said...

You deserve all the publicity you can get.;))
Enjoy the sunshine; we also had sun today, but with much lower temperatures.;)
I hope for an early spring.;)

Hazel Designs said...

Protege, I saw your snow pictures, I hope the sunshine continues in your neck of the woods!