Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Twilight Tuesday

I am so glad to finally get my hands on the Twilight DVD (3 million copies sold this past weekend!). I got up extra early on a Saturday morning - an anomaly for me - so I can get the Target edition, which reportedly is the best version of the DVD. It includes not only a third disc with 45 minutes of extra features, but it also has a free iTunes download of the movie and all the extras. My cousin Leslie and I each ordered the Borders online special edition and we both were frantically trying to stop them from shipping the DVDs after we found out about Target, but we were too late. They shipped. So I'll have to return mine to Borders, even though it comes with sparkly Edward postcards.

Anyway, some thoughts on it. One extended scene should've been included: in the diner after Bella's first day of school, Charlie establishes that he eats there everyday, and Bella responds that she could cook instead. I remember having issues with the fact that they didn't show, let alone mention, Bella cooking in the movie when it was such a pivotal part of the book. There were two or three other extended scenes that were really cute and should've been included in the movie (except the one where Jasper is holding a parasol to protect his awful wig - seriously, a Civil War hero and dude needs an umbrella?). I was disappointed to find out that the deleted scene from Midnight Sun was so quick that I almost missed it: of Edward thinking about biting Bella in biology class. No Alaska. No Denalis. Boo.

And let's establish the fact that Kristen Stewart is a pretty bad actress, but I tolerate her because she's Bella. But from now on she should just shut her trap during press conferences. No one wants to hear her bitching and moaning about her lot in life. And what's with the fact that she doesn't close her mouth all the way? Reminds me of Ali Larter - both of their front teeth poke out, making them look like rabbits. Really bothers me.

Lastly, RPattz is at his best during the prom scenes: looks absolutely gorgeous, his makeup is subtle, his hair is great, he is at his most charming, and his smile is just devastating. My favorite scenes, especially the gazebo kiss-in-the-neck. Absolutely awesome.

And now I leave you with two new production pictures from New Moon: the motorcycles! On Bella's truck!


Protege said...

You really are an avid Twilight fan; you know they should start paying you for all the publicity you provide.;)))

Hazel Designs said...

Protege, omg, they SHOULD pay me! That's a great idea!

Highmaintenancemom said...

I thought Edward looked funny in the school scenes & hot at night!

Hazel Designs said...

HMM, it's the kabuki makeup job :( But yea - totally hot, esp the restaurant scene, right??