Monday, November 5, 2007

Cameo and gold

I'm sad that this piece didn't photograph very well, but I hope you still like it. I tried something I've never done before - worked in yellow gold! Since I am a huge fan of the white metals (white gold, platinum, silver), and haven't worn yellow gold since I was a little girl, I've created my pieces exclusively in sterling silver up until now.

Lately, however, I've been loving the green and gold color combination, so I decided to work it into this piece.

The beads are yellow aventurine in gold-filled wire, topped with a green cameo pendant, all hanging from approximately 30" in length of gold-filled chain. This is a very long necklace and doesn't need a clasp.

When I see the necklace in person I really like it, but the more I stare at the pictures the less sure I get. Does the placement of the bead in the center look right to you? The problem I see here is that the bail (the gold triangular thing where the center bead is hooked to) makes it seem like there's too much going on. However, the bail came with the setting and is soldered shut, so it pretty much has to stay - my tools aren't strong enough to remove it.

I'm going to let this one stew for a while and maybe I'll take a fresh look at it again in a few days.


Since Mr HD was coming home late tonight I decided to treat myself for dinner, so I stopped by the local halal meat place for some lamb kabobs. I love coming to this place because in addition to take-out food, they also carry some Middle Eastern grocery items. While waiting for my order I perused the shelves, and had a great time imagining a kitchen in far away Cairo where things such as orange blossom water, grape leaves, carob molasses, grenadine syrup, date molasses, and rose leaves jelly are everyday staples for some family. For me, it evoked images of sun-drenched deserts, the great pyramids stretching to the skies; of mysterious back alleys and trade routes that are centuries old, caravans and camels shimmering in the harsh Arabian sun.

Though I have no idea what to do with those ingredients, I wanted to buy them anyway, just to keep my imagination running.

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