Friday, November 2, 2007

Finding my footing

I ended the week in a much better frame of mind than I had started it, helped along by these lovely flowers Mr HD sent to my new office to "brighten up my new desk." How sweet is that! There are orange gerbera daisies, yellow roses, and red holly berries.

Consequently, they were also a great conversation piece with everyone who stopped by my office door.

Other factors that helped improve my outlook and helped bring about an end to both my major and mini meltdowns were the following:

1. Bringing along personal effects from my old desk, consisting of a framed picture of Mr HD, my Star Wars action figures (Yoda and Luke), and my postcards from Europe (another great conversation piece - nothing bonds two strangers quicker than comparing notes on various travel experiences).

2. The familiar presence of an old friend and coworker from my old job, who also now works at the new place, and his helpful, wonderful intercession on my behalf on various matters. To say that he was instrumental in easing my transition is an understatement indeed.

3. The discovery of a nail salon only half a block from my new building. I got a French manicure at lunch today and instantly felt revitalized and renewed.

4. The installation of a piece of software on my computer that I used a lot in my old job. I was so glad to see the software's friendly, familiar face again - it was like greeting an old friend.

5. The fact that not only are there a million places to choose from for my lunch and coffee/hot chocolate options all within walking distance, but there is also a food cart that sells Korean food (bulgogi and bibimbap) at a nearby corner. After I sampled the bulgogi I am happy to say that the vendor lived up to his culinary reputation.

Oookay, apparently food never fails to cheer me up.

As I was walking to work on Tuesday, still getting used to my new commute, I saw a bus pass by whose final destination was the neighborhood where my old office is. I followed it longingly with my eyes as I seriously contemplated jumping aboard and never looking back. Yes, I was that homesick for my old job. Sanity reasserted itself, however, and I'm relieved to say that I'm over the hump of my difficult adjustment period, and have slowly found myself on steadier footing as my first week on the new gig ends.


Alissa said...

What gorgeous flowers!

mom2amara said...

Hang in there my dear!

Doubt always lingers as one starts a new journey.

Unlike you, I'm not longing to go back to my old job. But I am wondering if I have gotten myself in a bit over my head. But you and I will commiserate together. And when we see each other next, we'll look back to this first week and laugh. I just know it!

Hazel Designs said...

M2A, what's making it so hard for me is that I was up for a promotion at the old job, but at the time it wasn't enough to compel me to stay (I felt that if I didn't leave now, I was never going to leave) - so, that is contributing to my second-guessing, especially now when I'm having a difficult time adjusting.

Wondering if you've gotten a bit over your head is a scary feeling, but I think once you start on getting a handle on things at your new job, you will be a dynamo!