Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Cyber Monday

Yeah, I know, I know...I totally missed the boat on Cyber Monday. Getting up and running is a lot more work than I had thought (especially with the majority of hours spent at the day job). If anyone has any words of wisdom to impart on the whole process of launching a business, I'd dearly love to hear them!

I wonder how much Etsy rakes in on Cyber Mondays.

I'm slowly but surely getting there, though. The other day some of my packaging materials arrived! Check these out - each piece of Hazel Designs jewelry will arrive in one of these pretty organza bags, and then placed in a white gift box. I had personalized labels made up to stick on the boxes, and then I plan on tucking a business card inside the box.

I'm still waiting on the labels and the business cards, and I also have to order padded envelopes to ship the items in. Oh, and find out about shipping costs.


How about you, did you do any Christmas or Hanukkah online shopping on Monday?


Karmela said...

You know I will be a big customer, but you don't have to waste any of the pretty gift bags and boxes on me. Just toss me my necklace!

Hazel Designs said...

No, I must keep up my standards!

mom2amara said...

You go girlfriend! Can't wait to start ordering!

Hazel Designs said...

Whoo hoo!!!