Monday, November 12, 2007

Marie Antoinette-ish?

I worked on this for a major portion of the day. I used amazonite beads on gold-filled wire, and the end result kind of reminds me of something from Marie Antoinette's era, especially with the gold and blue combination. The pendant is actually a pendant frame but I used it by itself for a different sort of look, and hung a white nugget pearl from a 14K gold-plated chain. The pendant is approximately 2" long and 1.5" wide, and the whole necklace is around 20" long, finished off with a gold toggle clasp at the back.

Here are a few more shots and close-ups.

I am having a pretty productive day off. I filled out my business license application and it's all set to be mailed (I hope I did this correctly), put gas in my car (was running on fumes) and cleaned the inside (it was filthy). I also purchased more supplies at the craft store, which of course was mobbed by people getting ready for the holidays. Christmas music was blaring from the speakers and decorations were crammed into every aisle. I'm not even mentally ready for Thanksgiving yet, let alone Christmas!

A couple of months ago when football season started I joined a fantasy football league for kicks with people from my old office, even though I know absolutely nothing about football. Each week we are supposed to set our lineup, except I never did this because 1) I was too lazy 2) I didn't know what I was doing 3) I don't know who the heck any of my players on my team are. Finally, sick of my abysmal 0-6 record (luckily I am not in last place - I am tied for last place, which is a big difference), I finally went on the league website and found out that I have, apparently, been competing for weeks with an injured quarterback, an injured running back, and an injured wide receiver. Ha! But I have now remedied this, so brace yourselves for my team's upcoming, unstoppable winning streak. (Or not).


Alissa said...

The necklace is beautiful!

Highmaintenancemom said...

That's hilarious! I'm also in a fantasy football league & I also do not know how to set my lineup, thank goodness lowmaintenancedad is obsessed with football & sets my lineup for me every week!

Highmaintenancemom said...

oh & the necklace is so pretty...very unique!!

Hazel Designs said...

Alissa, thanks!!

HMM, thanks also! I may have to have LMD do my lineup too if my losing streak keeps up. Mr HD used to do my baseball one when I was in a baseball league, but he doesn't know anything about football so I am stuck on my own!

mom2amara said...

OMG! I'm in the league with HighMaintenanceMom and let me tell you my tip. In fantasy football, I choose hot boys. During March Madness, I choose teams with pretty colors, pretty names, or if they are a Jesuit institution. Seems to work for me each year!

Hazel Designs said...

M2A, HA!! I tried that tactic with my baseball league, but it was hard to decide whether the player is cute or not because the majority of them had hats on, covering their faces. But this would've worked for football!