Sunday, October 12, 2008

Pearl and quartz necklace

New in the shop, the Renee necklace (haven't used up all the female names from Twilight yet). This is a cluster necklace made of a clear quartz faceted briolette and rice pearls, dropping fairly long at 26".

When I first posted this necklace on Etsy I wasn't liking how it looked, so I made slight adjustments to the cluster. I hate it when that happens, but hopefully this is an improvement.

I am also procrastinating on doing my business taxes (what's new?). I keep bribing myself that if I finish my taxes early then I can go on to more fun stuff, such as getting back to my book, listening to some new downloaded music, and making new rings for the shop out of these awesome stones that I bought.


Alissa said...
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Alissa said...


Hazel Designs said...

Thanks Alissa!

Protege said...

Hazel, running the risk of repeating myself over and over again, when it comes to your jewelry, I have to again say how beautiful this neckless is! I love the quartz-pearls combination. Additionally, my nickname is sometimes Renee.

Hazel Designs said...

Hi Protege, you KNOW I'll never get tired of hearing that from you! Haha. Thank you - it means so much! And how cool that your nickname is also Renee - it's a v. pretty name.

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