Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Inaugural frenzy

The city is abuzz with all things inauguration, with wall-to-wall coverage on the local news as the preparations reach a fevered pitch this week. It's pretty exciting, the atmosphere here, especially the feeling of being at the center of the action. Everyone's talking about the proposed road and bridge closings, about how workers will have to sleep in their offices overnight, about the massive crowds expected, about the A-list musicians coming to perform (Bono, Springsteen, Beyonce, Jay-Z), about how much the inaugural balls suck in reality, and about how the city quite possibly won't have seen anything of this magnitude ever.

I wanted to go over to the Capitol today to take pictures of all the preparations, but it was so cold that I wimped out. Since they are giving us inauguration day off, I briefly considered joining the crowds for either the swearing-in or the parade, but the dire warnings by local officials of "record crowds" and "bridge and road closures" and "freezing temperatures" made me re-think that plan. Some locals will be escaping the area, but I'll be ensconced at home, warm and toasty on the couch, watching all the excitement on TV.


Protege said...

Hazel, I would be at home too.;)) Enjoy watching the whole show on TV.;))

Hazel Designs said...

Protege, it's a pretty incredible time :)