Thursday, September 6, 2007

Design A.D.D.

I know, I know...

If you've been a regular peruser of this blog, you've most likely noticed that it has gone through four or five iterations of re-design. As with all things creative, I love experimenting with different elements as I strive to produce the right look and feel of something - be it this blog or my jewelry designs.

Experimenting with different combinations of colors and textures, of materials and atmosphere, are all part of the fun of creating. I'm hoping this new re-design will be the final one, but since I can't sit still and love changing things around, I wouldn't count on it too much.

At any rate...I hope you like this new look!


LANEY said...

what a surprise again! I was just getting used to the other design. Signed on this morning and my eyes weren't expecting a change. But I like it. Like the rack of focus in the picture. Like the bins of beads.

Hazel Designs said...

Hahaha, I knew you might have been startled!