Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Losing my head on 6th Avenue

Last year I attended the Big Apple Glass Art & Bead Festival in New York City and, since the hotel was in Midtown, I took advantage of the location. After soaking up the classes and selecting an assortment of gemstones, beads, findings, and other supplies, I set off to explore the offerings of the stores on 6th and 7th Avenues.

I promptly ran headlong into a treasure trove of bead, fabric, and craft stores all along 6th Avenue. The bead shops stood one after the other displaying hundreds and hundreds of gemstones, strung together in an explosion of color and texture and shape. They were practically begging me to make them into necklaces.

I completely lost my head.

At each store I visited I found even more beautiful stuff than the last, and my head almost exploded from the burst of ideas that came crowding in, fresh designs made up of gorgeous citrine, aquamarine, jasper, carnelian, sunstone, and turquoise, among others. I could see them all in my mind's eye.

The whole experience was heady indeed, and even more fun than shoe shopping.

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