Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Artistic goals

1. Casting. An important skill in metalsmithing, I'm hoping to take a class in lost wax casting and sandcasting next. I know the processes in theory, but the practice is a bit more complicated. Once I learn these, though, the possibilities of what I can make are endless. The only problem is that I would need to invest in a kiln, and my basement utility room isn't equipped to handle one.

2. Enameling. This is to add color to my metals. Again, I would need a kiln, and I hear the cost of enamels is very expensive. This would be a skill to be learned at a later date, when I feel I've mastered the other more fundamental skills.

3. Coppersmithing. My smithing experience has really only been in silver, and I'd like to add copper to the repertoire. It would make for interesting results. And I kind of like the idea of working in iron, too, with a leather apron and bulging biceps.

"Hi, my name is Hazel and I'm a blacksmith."

Has a badass ring to it.

4. Pour ingots, work with resin, learn to use precious metal clay, and set stones in other settings besides bezel.

5. And for ballet, advance to pointe shoes. Oh, those pointe shoes...


G-Mommy said...

pointe shoes - ouch!

Karmela said...

The road to pointe shoes:

1. Take at least 2 ballet classes a week for two years.
2. When the two-year mark approaches, find a pre-pointe class and start taking, in addition to 2 other classes.
3. In the meantime, start building foot and arch strength through exercises.
4. Stretch, stretch, stretch!

Hazel Designs said...

I just want to wear the shoes!