Sunday, September 21, 2008

Fall wedding jewelry

It seems fitting that I would finish my friend Camille's bridesmaids' jewelry order for her fall wedding on the first official day of fall. I played around with the design all summer, adding all kinds of embellishments here and there, but in the end, I decided to go simple so as not to compete with the bridesmaids' necklaces, dresses, and gold pashmina shawls.

In total, I made 4 bracelets and 4 pairs of earrings (3 bridesmaids and 1 maid of honor).

For the bracelets, I used smoky quartz faceted beads and gold-filled chain. The facets on the beads are really sparkly and the rich brown color complement the gold of the chain really well.

The maid of honor bracelet has little 14k gold-filled beads as additional embellishment.

The bridesmaids' bracelets. They are adjustable from 6" to 8".

The maid of honor's earrings, made of smoky quartz brios.

The bridesmaids' earrings.


Protege said...

What breathtakingly beautiful jewellery!

Hazel Designs said...

YAY!!! Thank you, I'm glad you like it :)