Friday, September 12, 2008

Strength and muscles

As in, I don't have either, but I need both, badly.

I've had some time now to get used to my metalsmithing tools and equipment in the past few weeks, and in the process, I discovered that you need serious elbow grease to see any results.

For example, I learned how to use a disc cutter in my metalsmithing class but only from watching my teacher do it - I didn't get to actually try it out myself during class. So when I got my own disc cutter and used it for the first time, I found that I needed strength - lots of it - to wield the hammer, and that my puny little muscles were not up to the task. In addition, striking enough blows to cut through a thick sheet of metal is really, really exhausting. It makes your teeth rattle and your head ache and your arms really sore.

I am counting on ballet to help me develop strength, but I'm thinking maybe I should also start lifting weights!

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