Thursday, January 17, 2008

Celebrity thoughts

1. What is up with Amy Winehouse's hair these days? It looks even worse than before.

2. Heidi Montag looks like a blow up Barbie doll. And not in a good way.

3. I don't get all the Jessica Simpson hate. As if she really had any power over the Dallas Cowboys not getting into the playoffs.

4. Do you think Katie Holmes' hair looks more like
a) her toddler daughter's
b) Posh Spice's
c) Anna Wintour's

5. I just heard that Lily Allen had a miscarriage. While this is terrible news, I do remember there were some pictures taken of her smoking in the early days of her pregnancy. There's a reason doctors tell pregnant women not to smoke.

6. Fergie was caught at a concert with her fly open. I don't know what's more embarrassing - this, or the pictures of her taken after she had peed her pants a while back. This girl has pants problems.


meridith said...

Is it ever good to look like a blow up Barbie doll?

Hazel Designs said...

Yes, Pam Anderson could pull it off (in her younger days, not so much now). Heidi Montag ain't no Pam Anderson, that's for sure.

Highmaintenancemom said...

Did you hear about John Mayer's note on his blog telling the people of Texas to lay off Jessica? It was actually really nice. And I think Katie & Suri are twins....

Hazel Designs said...

I think John Mayer wants to get back in her pants!