Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Thai silver necklace

To date, I now have a total of forty-seven (47!!!) hearts on Etsy! I don't quite know how I've managed to amass such a respectable number, but this is exciting. Thank you to all who have hearted my shop!

It appears that yesterday's necklace offering is not going to be a bestseller, so today I'm offering another one. This one is named "Jordan" after my brother-in-law, who is a boy, but since Jordan is also a girls' name I thought it would be cool to keep it as is.

Jordan features a long sterling chain, a Thai silver circle pendant, and a freshwater nugget pearl. I think that this piece is pretty versatile in terms of color and overall length and look; hence it is easy to wear (ie., it can be worn dressed up or down).

More pictures and details of Jordan are available at the shop!


Thank you to all my incredibly wonderful family and friends who have sent birthday wishes my way today. And for the piece of ice cream cake, chocolate chip cookies, Rice Krispies treats, and the glue stick (thanks Greg!) I received from my coworkers.

And lastly, for the pretty amethyst necklace from Mr Hazel!


So I promised my coworker Greg that I would promote his blog. To that end, I urge you all to visit Leggomygreggo - you won't regret it (or maybe you will, in which case I had nothing to do with it!)


mom2amara said...

Happy belated birthday!! Hope it was even more spectacular than how it sounded!

Hazel Designs said...

Thank you M2A!

jordan said...

hey, you named one after me! thanks!

Hazel Designs said...

Jordan, you're welcome! You are in between two ginormous boobages.