Monday, April 21, 2008

Post-vacation blues


I have a major case of post-vacation blues. As in, depressed. Soooo sad. I keep looking at the pictures and reading about future cruises on the Royal Caribbean website in an effort to cheer myself up and get out of my post-vacation funk.

The funny thing is I always get like this after vacations, but this time it seems worse because of the fact that yesterday it poured rain all day long - a noisy, fierce spring thunderstorm that normally I would have loved - except not on the day we get back from the Caribbean. And then today the rain continued, and it's the kind that I have grown heartily sick of - drizzly, damp, gray, chilly and overcast. The ironic thing is the week before we left for vacation it rained every day and I could not wait to escape the city...and then what do I come back to? Yes, more rain.

So to cheer up, I will post more pictures. And I'll think of these as I trudge along in my rain boots and coat and long-sleeved sweater this week.