Monday, April 7, 2008

More owls!

I found these sweet little owls and immediately thought that pairing them with pearls would give them an air of "whimsical with an elegant edge." These earrings are "Lily," named after Mr Hazel's grandmother. She is made of creamy bone owls and freshwater nugget pearls, on French hook earwires.

More pictures and details of Lily are now available at the shop!

Today I had lunch with my friend Ahila, who is in town for a few days (and whose namesake earrings are a Hazel Designs bestseller!). Ahila and I go way back, and there's just really nothing quite like spending time with old friends, catching up while reminiscing about past adventures. It made me miss our whole posse and wished the whole gang was here.

My local paper won a whole bunch of Pulitzers today, beating out the New York Times, which won only two (nyah!). The Times was all congratulatory on the surface, but you know that deep down inside they are all in a jealous rage.


V.E.R. said...
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Alissa said...

I've already told you I think these are super adorable, but now I'll tell your readers: I think these are super adorable. :)
And the deleted comment is from me, blogger changed my user name.

Karmela said...

Hah to the NYT!

Hazel Designs said...

Alissa, I am so happy you like it!!!!

Ahila said...

haze the owls and pearls are so sweet!! i'm going to have to correct the ear hole issue so i can start wearing your earrings. it was sooo good to see u....couldn't have asked for a more perfect lunch of veggie bibimbop and loads of laughs. our next lunch will be in cbus...ok good buhbye :P

Hazel Designs said...

Ahila, THANK YOU! I hope you like your new earrings :)