Wednesday, August 6, 2008

An afternoon at the park

I tried posting these pictures the other day but Blogger was down, so here they are today.

Last Sunday, we spent a beautiful summer day at the park, attending a birthday party for a very special person. The park was great because they had a lot of things going on, including ballroom dance classes, a children's theater, a beautiful carousel, and crafts.

This funny building is a pottery studio and gallery. Hard to tell from the picture, but it's shaped like a giant mushroom.

Pottery pieces for sale. They had some very creative ones.

I enjoyed looking at these.

A calligraphy studio, complete with an "artist-in-residence." It looked more like a witch's hut to me.

I like this ramshackle, rundown building. Not sure exactly what it was before or what it is now, but it has an interesting air of neglect that I wanted to capture.

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