Sunday, August 10, 2008

Hammered circle earrings

New in the shop - the first of my metalsmithing pieces!

These are "Audrey" from As You Like It (hey, that's a fitting name provenance!) featuring a pair of hand-forged sterling silver circles, subsequently soldered, hammered, and polished.

I debated using my brand new tumbler that I am dying to try out, but as these are smaller pieces I couldn't justify doing the whole elaborate set-up that is required. I also wanted to practice finishing pieces by hand. So, I will save the tumbling for when I have more pieces completed.

Audrey is now available!


Karmela said...

I love this!!!!!!!! At last, you're starting to make pieces that are me! Now...go learn how to make the really swirly metal pieces I like.

Hazel Designs said...