Friday, August 15, 2008

Circle pendant necklace

New in the shop! This is the matching "Audrey" necklace, made with a slightly bigger sterling silver pendant. Forged, hammered, soldered, and polished by hand, she hangs from a sterling silver chain approximately 16" long.

Check out Audrey in the shop, and while you're doing that, take note of the dress form pictures. My friends were joking before how they felt like they were being inappropriate looking at the naked dress form, so I put a tank top on her to cover up her choice bits.

Then it made me realize that this is actually another platform for my fashion creativity! The possibilities of the different looks I can put together with different clothes plus different jewelry are endless! Oh, the joy!


Tracy said...

Super work, Hazel! I just LOVE the simplicity fo this circle necklace...can't beat classic style! Happy weekend ((HUGS))

Hazel Designs said...

Thank you, Tracy! And a happy weekend to you, as well!