Friday, August 1, 2008

Inside my toolbox

I never, ever thought I would get so excited about tools, much less wax poetic about them. Tools.

But almost every day this week, it's been like Christmas with the arrival of a new type of metalsmithing tool on my doorstep, and I haven't been able to contain myself.

Because I'm such a klutz, tools have always scared me. I had visions of breaking my toes or drilling through my fingers (it can still happen, knock on wood) so I never showed much interest in the wrenches and hammers and drills Mr Hazel uses to tinker around the house with.

But now, I'm beguiled by tools. Yes - beguiled. Girly Hazel, who loves manicures and pretty dresses and high heels and sparkly diamonds - loves her new manly man tools.

I keep looking at them and touching each one lovingly, excited at the prospect of what I can make with them.

I think I've gone crazy!

Here is the inside of my toolbox:

My new dapping set!

My letter punches!

My disc cutters!


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