Thursday, October 18, 2007

Biz'ness plans

Big step - I set up my storefront on Etsy, the mecca website for all things handmade. I am very excited! I can't give the link away yet because the store is still essentially empty, but I will most certainly do this once I have everything set up.

My inventory has slowly but surely grown - the goal is at least twenty pieces ready and finished before I open up on Etsy, and I'm almost there.

In addition, before I can open up my store to the public, I have a long list of things I need to first do, some of which include:

1. Applying for my business license.

2. Assembling a portfolio, including marketing and promotional materials (my sister, who is a marketing guru, will be a big help with this).

3. Pricing my jewelry for retail: this step is actually a ton of work because according to the business class I took, there is a formula for retail pricing that is highly dependent on many factors, most of which involve meticulous record-keeping.

Finally, I am also playing around with the idea of holding a trunk show, but I may have to shelve that until I have a lot more pieces to sell.

And today's dinner report:
My coworker taught me a wonderful recipe for slow-cooked pork chops, using the dregs at the end to make a luscious gravy sauce. The chops just fall off the bone by the time they're ready. I paired this with wild rice.

TV report:
The Office was pretty good tonight...Jim has that nerdy, bashful, adorable thing down pat and it just makes you want to both kiss him and ruffle his hair at the same time.


mom2amara said...

First, CONGRATULATIONS on the storefront!

And second, don't you just heart crock pots?

Hazel Designs said...

Thanks, M2A!!! And yes - whoever invented the crock pot deserves a Nobel Peace Prize (for keeping the marital peace in the kitchen!) - haaaa!

sunshine said...

i love etsy! i check it out all the time! post the link when you get the storefront set up