Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Studio city

Many of the artists of the handcrafted jewelry sites I frequent often speak about their "studios" where they create their pieces. I don't think mine quite qualifies as a studio, so I will call it my workspace instead (in truth, my quasi studio shares space with the guest bedroom).

I finally got around to organizing my beads and supplies and cleaning up this room where I spend a lot of time in - it has all I need to nurture my fledgling business within easy reach, especially my invaluable computer and printer to use for uploading pictures, blogging, shopping for supplies, checking out Etsy, as well as using my actual desk to create my necklaces. I do need a bigger work surface, but for now I just shove everything to one side to make room for my beads and tools.

I'm also just about ready for another set of plastic bins as this one is full to bursting with beads, stones, wire, jigs, tools, etc. I need to find more room, especially as I just bought the following:


Chrysoprase nuggets:

Dyed topaz:

Green aventurine:

And these cool oval gemstones in a variety of colors:

And lastly, I can't let this day go by without venting about the woman who sat next to me on the train on my way home today. What pisses me off is that since I am small, people almost always choose to sit on the empty seat next to me - they figure I don't take up that much space, even though there are other open seats on the train. My pet peeve is when a big guy sits next to me and proceeds to splay his knees open in what he probably thinks is a macho pose, except what he's actually doing is invading my space. Look, people, just because I'm small doesn't entitle you to take up the space allotted to me. Harrumph.

So this is essentially what happened today with this woman. I had the window seat, where she proceeded to squish me for almost the entire ride home. By the time I arrived at my destination I was one miserable, unhappy, angry, horribly bad-tempered small person.


mom2amara said...

People are so rude! See, you're too polite. I think I would have blown up on that fellow passenger!

BTW, I can't decide what I love more, the dyed topaz or the green aventurine! Gorgeous!

Karmela said...

Now that you're all organized, maybe you can now find the pair of earrings you promised to fix for me eons ago.

Hazel Designs said...

K, I already fixed and returned those to you!