Thursday, October 25, 2007

The magpie's reward

So after much careful thought and deliberation worthy of the most rigorous scientific research project, I finally decided that since I am such a damn magpie, I will not be getting a nice new purse for my reward (drooling over my sister-in-law and cousin's nice new purses notwithstanding!). Instead, I'm going to get me something sparkly.

To whit: rings!

I've been scouring one of my favorite antique jewelry sites, Fay Cullen, and after many, many hours of painstaking deliberation, I narrowed down my choice to two rings. What I'm going to end up with will actually be a combination reward present/wedding anniversary gift, so I have to make it good! However, I was prudent and set a budget (that Mr HD agreed to), and both rings are well within.

But now I'm in agony because I can't decide between these two, so you will have to help me.

This first one is an alternating sapphire and diamond eternity band in white gold. It is about 2mm thick, and I confess I am heavily leaning towards picking this. I love the sapphires, and the alternating shapes make this ring very Art Deco. Not to mention it is such a dainty ring.

The other one is another Art Deco band, but with just diamonds, also in white gold. It is slightly thicker at 3mm, and I can't decide whether I want a slightly thicker band like this or go with the more dainty band above. A difference of 1 mm probably doesn't seem much, but since my hands are so small it does make a noticeable difference on me.

Well now, I just gave myself a headache. I wish I had this problem every day.

And finally, I wanted to give a shout out to my cousin Mom2Amara, whose last day at work is also tomorrow, before she starts at a fab new job. I'm so delighted that she and I are going through the same event at exactly the same time. It also feels very comforting, because I don't feel quite so isolated and alone as I leave the familiar and venture into the unknown. Good luck, Mom2 Amara!


Alissa said...

The first ring!!! Oh so beautiful.

Karmela said...

As I've always said: "Fuck the budget. Get both." Words to live by.

mom2amara said...

While I'd love to agree with your sister, I know we all can't be like her :) so I'm voting for the one with sapphires! I heart it!

mom2amara said...

And btw, thanks for the shout out! I think it's tres cool you and I start our new jobs together!

Hazel Designs said...

OK, that settles it - sapphires it is!

Highmaintenancemom said...

very pretty rings! i'm with Kalay, except I say get one ring AND a purse!