Monday, October 29, 2007

Vintage charms

The result out of those vintage-looking keys I bought at the craft store a few weeks ago. I took two of them and fashioned a cluster charm consisting of the keys, a white nugget pearl, a clear swarovski crystal, and another swarovski crysal in "vintage rose", hanging from a silver chain of approximately 16" in length. There are two additional crystals worked onto the chain and above the charms.

It has a vintage-y feel to it that I really like. Below is a close-up.


For the most part, the first day at the new gig went okay today, except for the fact that I felt extremely discombobulated all day long. My routine was interrupted, I didn't have the usual familiar faces around me, I didn't know where anything was, and there were a lot of strange faces. I miss my old morning routine that consisted of 1) my morning commute 2) my morning hot chocolate 3) goofing off with my coworkers. I know that my discomfiture is a product of first days being just weird in general, and I expect that it will get better once I get used to new routines and new faces. As one of my good friends told me, I will look back at what I've written today and wonder why I was so upset. But for now, I dearly, dearly miss my old job and the people there!


mom2amara said...

Honey! OMG your days will get better! I'm going through the same unfamiliar territory thing right now. But it'll get better for both of us, I know it!

Alissa said...

I'm hoping today's going better for you :)
As for the jewelry, I absolutely love these past two necklaces you've posted.

Hazel Designs said...

M2A, thanks for the encouraging words :) It helps whenever I think about how you're going through it, too.

Hazel Designs said...

Thanks, was still weird, but not as weird as the first day, so I guess that's progress :)

And yay - I'm so glad you like the last 2 necklaces!!