Sunday, October 14, 2007

Ribbons and pearls

This is what I came up with in the first of the ribbon designs - twin blue ribbons interlocked with silver link chains, with white nugget pearls hanging from the second chain. I feel like it sort of has a delicate, vintage feel to it. It's too bad this picture is a little on the dark side.

The ribbons were really slippery and were very tricky to work with - not at all like sturdy, dependable wire - and I had a hard time figuring out how to close out the necklace at the back. Finally, I was inspired to whip out my mom's old sewing kit and just so happened to dig out a blue thread that matched the shade of the ribbons perfectly, so I took that as a good sign. I ended up sewing the ends shut. My stitches are a little on the big side, but it doesn't look half bad and with more sewing practice I hope to make them neater. My mom taught me how to sew and she would have been proud to know that I'm putting the skill to use!

And finally, I was informed that my #2 most loathed person in the world actually does not shill for Vitamin Water as I mistakenly thought, but for Smart Water (ironic, since that is the last word I would use to describe her), so I feel better knowing I didn't act against my principles. However, I'd still like to remind you all to check out the link to her name on yesterday's post. I had the best time doing a Google search for the perfect picture of her.


meridith said...

really like this -- how long is it? Really interesting piece. I like the silver hoop chain. Have you thought of doing a piece with different chain styles between stones?

mom2amara said...

I seriously said "Oh my God" aloud when I saw the picture. This is your first attempt?! It's beautiful!

Hazel Designs said...

Oh, yay!!! Thanks!!!! I'm so happy you guys like it.

Mer, the ribbon part is about 20" long (so 10" on each side), and the the pearls and chain part is another 10" (5" on each side). It's a pretty long necklace and you can just slip it over your head.

That's an interesting idea about putting different chain styles between beads...I'll have to experiment!

Karmela said...

This is BEAUTIFUL. I will buy it.