Tuesday, October 2, 2007


Part of the reason why I started creating - which involves playing with interesting gemstones to my heart's content - is to feed my insatiable obsession with jewelry - earrings, rings, necklaces, bracelets. Collecting and playing with gemstones and hoarding jewelry components partly satisfies my urge for shiny, pretty things.

One aspect of this obsession is my love of vintage and/or antique diamond rings. When my big sister received her engagement ring years ago, I instantly fell in love with her lavish vintage filigree ring and the meticulous and ornate detailing. It was graceful, unique. For years, I fervently wanted one just like it - easily the most beautiful ring I have ever seen. When my own engagement came, Mr. Hazel Designs granted my wish and gave me a ring similar to my sister's - an Art Deco platinum ring with a bezel setting and delicate filigree all around.

Thus began my obsession with antique rings. I can't get enough of it. Even though it's been some time since I received my ring, I still stare at it practically every hour and fall in love with it all over again. But, having my dream ring hasn't stopped my habit of scouring antique shops for more, so indulge me for a moment while I post some of my favorites below.

This is from one of my favorite online stores, Topazery. It is a late Edwardian style white gold ring from the 1920s with an Old Mine cut diamond weighting .93 carats. Notice all that yummy, lacy filigree.

And this is a gorgeous platinum deco ring from Antique Jewelry, with a 1.25 carat Old European cut diamond.

And lately, I've also fallen in love with halo settings like the the Tiffany Legacy ring, inspired by this antique original from Fay Cullen, containing a champagne colored cushion cut diamond.

And finally, this one is a lavish Edwardian white gold ring from NYC Diamond District merchant Israel Rose.


Karmela said...

I think I shall divorce DH and remarry him again 4 times so he can give me all 4 of those rings as engagement rings.

meridith said...

I have a thing for antiques too (not just jewelry though). I don't know if has something to do with my love of history. I actually wear my great grandmother's engagement ring on my middle finger as most people have no idea it is actually an engagement ring and just looks like an interesting antique. But when my imaginary boyfriend finally does propose I am definitely going the antique route as well.

Hazel Designs said...

Sis, great idea, I'll do that too!

Meridith, good choice ;) Can I help pick it out?? And I absolutely adore your grandmother's e-ring!

mom2amara said...

I have always been drawn to jewelry like these rings. But my particularly undainty hands look hideous when beautiful rings like these find their way to my fingers.

Hazel Designs said...

m2a, I totally disagree - you have long fingers (esp in this picture!) - these rings would look lovely on your hands. Tell you what - get dad2amara to gift you one for your anniversary and prove me right :)