Monday, October 15, 2007

Go Tribe!

Although I've left home years ago, I still harbor a special place in my heart for the Cleveland Indians. I remember summers spent at The Jake earning cash by ushering (my cousin should also remember this - we did it together!) - wiping down the green seats, wearing those ugly maroon vests and blue pants, ripping out the tickets and saying "Enjoy the game!", and fervently hoping that I would not have to break up any fights between sweaty, smelly, drunken fans. Though I hated that job at the time, I now look back on it fondly as a reminder of home.

And the Indians remind me of my parents. They were avid fans.

Even though I have a new team I cheer for nowadays, I'm rooting for these guys in the ALCS. That game on Saturday was unbelievable! And Grady Sizemore? So cute. I want to be one of "Grady's Ladies"!


mom2amara said...

I loved working at the Jake :) But it makes me feel old when I watch the Tribe play...I don't recognize any of the players and I'm waaaaay older than any of them!

Hazel Designs said...

Ha! I bet you never got stuck guarding the ramps in that case!

Karmela said...

M2A: You recognize Kenny Lofton, right? When I saw Game #1 this weekend and he came up to bat, I was like, "Wait. What year is this?" I thought I was back in 1995!