Friday, February 1, 2008

Etsy find of the day

The Etsy site is literally a treasure trove of cool, unusual, and unique things and it's so easy to get suckered in for hours looking through them. I've hearted about fifty shops on here - which reminds me, thank you so much to bannerbee and xenya for hearting my shop! That was much appreciated. I get so giddy when someone hearts my shop - I now have a total of five hearts! Yippee!

Recently I joined the Etsy CREST street team, both to expose my shop as much as possible to the Etsy world and to meet my fellow Etsy sellers.

One of the members of Etsy CREST, xenya, has a shop of photographic works called Forgotten Beauty, and I was blown away by some of the photographs on here. I love her concept of taking pictures of forgotten things and places, which sort of has that flea market, antique-y, distressed vibe that I love so much. Her work is just gorgeous.

I found two photographs that I'm thinking of buying and I'm just trying to decide between them:

I think these would look amazing with a wide white mat and a black frame. They also come in different sizes. What the heck, maybe I'll just get them both.


Highmaintenancemom said...

Get both, they look great together!!

Hazel Designs said...

HMM, don't enable me, noo!!! That's so bad!

Karmela said...

You need to take a trip to Italy.

Hazel Designs said...

K, I really, REALLY do!