Tuesday, February 26, 2008

New shop item: more pink earrings

These earrings are "Bella," named after one of my favorite aunts who actually has a much longer and more complicated name, but I thought Bella was a pretty appropriate derivative. She is similar to the Elizabeth earrings, only the glass briolettes are translucent instead of opaque and I used gold-filled wire and vermeil earwires instead of sterling. I thought this picture, where the earrings reflect the words off the pages of the book, was pretty cool.

More details and pictures of Bella are available at the shop!

I've been keenly following the events in Pyongyang from the last day or two, with the historic arrival of the New York Philharmonic. This article made me teary. As a universal language that embraces all cultures, music really is a powerful tool that brings two disparate countries and cultures together. I would really love to watch this concert, especially because part of the repertoire is Dvorak's 9th Symphony (the famous "New World" Symphony), one of my all-time favorite pieces of music.

I still remember sitting in my room as a kid, listening to the magical, soaring, haunting largo movement over and over again. I hope the North Koreans love it equally well.


Karmela said...

As DD would say: "Pwetty pictuw!"

Hazel Designs said...

Aww! I can totally picture her saying that, too!