Saturday, February 16, 2008

On free bread, gem shows, and publicity

Whew! What a day! In the morning I had a hair appointment (apparently I haven't gone in 3 months, which accounts for my highlights turning a bit on the brassy side and my gray hairs popping up like weeds), but I managed to publicize Hazel Designs to my hairstylist by giving her one of my cards. I'm trying to spread the word as hard and as fast as I can.

After leaving the salon (feeling, of course, like a new woman), I headed to the gem and jewelry show. It was a huge space filled to the brim with all manner of rings, diamonds, gemstones, beads, and even one booth selling purses (I almost bought one until I remembered I shouldn't really be buying purses at a bead show). I was able to access the wholesalers' section, open only to people "in the trade," and I felt so privileged. The best part was there was NO TAX whatsoever! I could get used to this no tax thing.

I was there for hours and my feet were ready to fall off by the end, but I managed to score a bounty of goodies - including chalcedony in blue, pink, and green, which I have been looking for for months now without any success. I also found a lot of gorgeous sterling silver chains and findings.

(And, as a bonus, they cleaned my wedding rings for free).

So expect the shop to be stocked with new designs in the coming weeks. I truly felt like the proverbial kid in the candy shop today.

I also managed to score a free loaf of bread. Not at the bead show, but at my favorite bakery - I discovered this place by accident a few months ago, and found out that they serve THE BEST challah ever. The. Best. So I made a special trip today to get some, but to my dismay, they had run out. The baker guy must have been able to see the tears of disappointment forming at the corners of my ducts because he very gently suggested trying their white bread instead, which he claimed to be just as good as the challah. At my skeptical look he said I could have it for free to try out. Yay, free bread! It's not as good as the challah, but it's pretty decent. Especially because it's free.

And lastly, on publicity: please check out the official Etsy CREST team blog, of which "Astrid" from my shop is pictured (yay!), and also this list of CREST team shops, of which my shop is also included.

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