Monday, February 25, 2008

New shop item: blue and white necklace

I found this pretty, blue enameled chain and thought it would look nifty paired with a white flower and a glass pendant. And the "Michele" necklace is born, named after one of my friends! More details and pictures are now available at the shop.

I made three sales yesterday - the Sophie necklace that was reserved by my sister (thanks sis!) and the Lisa and Stephanie earrings, purchased by my friend Lisa. The exciting part is that Lisa, who is a television personality, would like to wear the Stephanie on air! I am hoping this will be great exposure and that her viewers will want to know where she got her earrings. A huuge thanks, Lisa!

On my way home today I stopped by Trader Joe's to pick up a few items, and couldn't help but stand there and admire the profusion of spring flowers they now have on display - pink and blue hyacinths, daffodils, and several buckets of tulips in pink, white, and red. I almost bought the entire lot. And, a very exciting thing happened - I bought a bottle of red wine to use for the chicken cacciatore recipe that I made for dinner tonight, and the cashier did not card me. This is the second time in a row I didn't get carded - the restaurant on Saturday also did not card me.

I must finally look like a grown-up.


Highmaintenancemom said...

The flowers at Trader Joe's are so pretty, they have some of the prettiest arrangements around. 3 sales, that's awesome!! The new necklace is very spring-y!

Hazel Designs said...

They really do have the prettiest flowers - AND the best chocolates, too!!!