Monday, February 4, 2008

New shop item: turquoise necklace

This necklace, "Meridith", is a reworked piece from a while back (it wasn't originally a fan favorite, so I decided to simplify by making it into a straightforward choker). Hope it works better this time around! The stones are really gorgeous - the green is so vivid and fresh.

You can check out "Meridith" at the shop if you click on her picture on the left-hand bar.

Turning to some TV talk, does anyone else watch the Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles? Mr Hazel and I love it. I think the best part, at least for me, is that the Terminator - the one originally played by Arnold's character - is a woman! Or, more accurately, a slender slip of a girl who looks like she's anywhere between 17 to 25 years old. And She.Kicks.Ass. Literally and figuratively.

I also love Sarah Connor's character, who's a mix between a sexy biker chick and a warrior queen. She and the Girl Terminator are the central characters, more so than John Connor, and I love how they're the ones who are protecting John and not the other way around. They're smart, strong, fiercely capable women who can take care of their own shit and kick the bad guys' collective asses, all while wearing low-slung jeans and leather jackets and looking damn good doing it.

The best line of tonight's episode (Sarah to her son): "If you want to be a hero, you'd better learn how to drive stick!"


Lastly, I wanted to send huuuuuge congratulations to my friend Stephanie, who just became a new mom over the weekend! Best wishes to the new family.


meridith said...

I have it on my dvr. Haven't watched it yet. My concern is that I haven't really seen the terminator movies. Is that going to be a problem?

Hazel Designs said...

Meri, YES, don't watch the TV shows until you've seen all 3 Terminator movies! The events on the tv show are set between T2 and T3, and they reference the stuff that happens in the movies a lot, so you won't understand a lot of it if you don't watch first. They're such fun movies so I think you'll enjoy them.