Wednesday, February 27, 2008

New shop item: pearl choker | earrings

So I thought it was time to unveil these pieces on Etsy - the "Karmela" necklace and matching earrings! I made them back when I first started this blog, but for the longest time I could not get good pictures of the pearls, so I bided my time.

The time is now!

Karmela, named after my awesome sister, is now available at the shop with more details and pictures.

And in the good news front, I made another sale today! My sister-in-law Alissa bought the Ella. I am so excited - thank you so much Alissa!


Many of you know how I've also been biding my time for another event...spring. Seriously. I am so sick of winter and this crappy cold. So as I was scouring the weather blog today, looking for words such as "70 degrees," "budding tulips," "spring showers," and "warm, sunny and delicious," I came across this:

"Daylight saving time arrives in 11 days (Mar. 9). The first day of spring is just a hop, skip and a jump after that (Mar. 20). And not far behind is the [baseball] home opener (Mar. 30). Yet, all three surefire signs of spring seem far away on a chilly, windy day like today. The breezy chill continues tomorrow, followed by slowly rising temperatures for Friday and the weekend."


Well, I suppose that there are hopeful signs on the horizon...


Highmaintenancemom said...

Tell me about it...this winter is taking a huge toll on me...I had the most horrendous drive into work yesterday & than I got stuck in my driveway when I came home!

P.S....LOVE the pearls!! Make a bracelet of them!!

Karmela said...

Oh man!!!!!!! I want to buy my namesakes (they're so pretty!) but seeing as how I've already spent so much dough on your stuff I'm going to hold off. I've also been eyeing the ALISSA. Craaaaap!!! I have no self-control. I might just get them anyway. To celebrate spring!

Hazel Designs said...

I hear you HMM - spring is almost here - hang in there!!!

K, I love that you have no self control! Buy more jewelry from me! Heee heeee.

Hazel Designs said...

PS - HMM - your wish is my command, bracelet coming up!