Monday, February 18, 2008

New shop item: coral necklace and earrings

This new necklace is "Alexandra" and she comes with matching earrings. Made of coral beads, she has one filigree charm on a pretty sterling silver chain. The earrings are made of matching coral with a smaller filigree charm on sterling silver earwires.

Alexandra's namesake is actually Alexander (or Alex) in real life, but I'm not going to tell Alex that not only does he have a necklace named after him, there are also earrings involved. Alex is a fan of Star Wars and Transformers, so the news that he is namesake to girly girl items might not sit well.

This afternoon I went to the bookstore to look for a French novel to use for my photo backgrounds. This was actually Mr Hazel's idea, but the two French novels I owned have gone missing, no doubt from multiple packing and unpacking from various moves over the years. Unfortunately the bookstore didn't have anything I could use, so I turned to some children's literature and poetry instead, but didn't have much luck there, either. So it looks like I'm going on a treasure hunt...


meridith said...

french novels or harry potter -- same thing right? It made me giggle. I never even tried to figure out what the text was until you mentioned it.

Hazel Designs said...

It's so funny because I didn't notice either until I saw an extreme closeup, and one of the earrings was resting on the word "sickeningly"!! And then the paragraph before that, which could be clearly seen, said something about slaughtering people! (It was a fantasy book).